55 Self Talk Tips Against Depression

55 Self Talk Tips Against Depression

55 Self Talk Tips Against Depression

Here are 55 Self Talk Tips Fighting Depression, which anybody can do. This post suggests alternative ways to pull yourself out of the blue, besides praying in church, and leaving all up to divine intervention. I’m not saying that prayer does not work, but to suggest that sometimes, nothing is wrong, but our attitude. Learn self talk to utilize the power of your brain, to master self therapy.

What is self talk? Self talk when you’re depressed = what to say when you talk to your self when you’re feeling sad for more than a fortnight. When you feel sad for more than two weeks, you probably have depression. You should consult a healthcare professional. However, if you think you have a mild case of depression, or simple sadness, you can try pulling yourself out of the rut by reading self improvement books.

If you have recently contacted sadness and shown symptoms of this negative mood, it means you are sad. If you show signs and symptoms of sadness for more than two weeks, visit a doctor/ psychiatrist/ psychologist/ therapist/ counselor, to get a professional assessment of your mental health. For the temporary sad mood or minor depression, one can try psychology prep talk to boost the emotional mood.

If you know someone who is feeling sad or has been depressed for a long time, try to persuade them to seek help from healthcare professionals. If the person has a mild case of being in the doldrums, please share this post. Maybe something will strike an accord and move the person to be proactive in fighting sadness.

Self Talk Tips Against Depression | Self Persuasion or self talk tips:

1) Tell your self to be brave.

2) Remember you have your faith, family, friends and your self to help you.

3) Believe in your values, even as you face many hardships.

4) Avoid playing the blame game. Every one has their own fair share of downs … and ups.

5) If you feel too sad to get out of bed, you should fight against this feeling. By all means, rise and shine.

6) Following the previous step, you should draw up your schedule of events for the day and plan your weekly calendar. Keep busy and occupy your time fruitfully. An idle mind returns to its old playground of sad thoughts. A busy mind exercises your mental facilities. You will derive joy when you participate fully in your routine chores and hobbies.

7) Share your suffering with others. We are all human and vulnerable. When you are brave to acknowledge your state, you are confronting it head on. This will help you fight depression.

8) A person who feels sad or depressed is inert, inactive and stays in bed. When you make attempts to combat this negative inertia, you will push away depression’s mental dullness. This is why you need to play your schedule and calendar.

9) Act with faith and belief. A person who feels depressed is lethargic. The fear of the unknown is illogical and freezes the body. Keep trying to break the ice of fear.

10) If you feel sad because of a problem, or lack of resources? For every door that is closed in your face, open a new window of opportunity. When you solve your problem, and overcome the obstacle, you have discovered the solution, which can become your own patented method. Even if you can’t make money out of your original solution, you have grown wiser with experience.

11) Don’t feel sad if you can’t get your way all the time. Examine your long term goals, as these will be worth fighting for.

12) Sadness and mild depression are states of mind that will visit everyone. They can help you by realizing the extent of your learned experiences. They will change you by molding your behavior for future events.

13) You can handle sadness better than you realize. This down time is only momentary and a brief moment in your life. You will survive.

14) Keep a Happiness Journal, or call it your Anti-Depression Journal. Write down how you deal with your sad episodes. Memories will slowly fade unless you make efforts to reinforce their impressions by describing them in words. Write down inspirational quotes, prayers, psychological exercises that lift up your mood, or physical activity that energizes your mental state. Keep a lookout for newspaper stories that inspire you and cut these out to paste in your journal.

15) You don’t know when you’ll succeed, unless you keep trying. If you think you feel too sad to even attempt an event, you have stopped short of the obstacle and sold yourself short. Dare to seek out happiness by searching for it.

16) If you don’t want to feel sad or laden down by your circumstances, keep trying to improve your situation. Believe that just as sure the sun rises every day, your situation will improve as circumstances change. Depression is a state of mind that lingers irrespective of the true external reality. Even when circumstances of life are tolerable, a person may fall into sadness or depression because they are struck by the illness. A person should not stay in depression because of life’s challenges.

17) After a long time of trials and errors, we should recognize what are not meant to be and leave them. Persistence and stubborn streaks also have their limits. We should take stock, perform self examination, and have the wisdom to change track according to the circumstances.

18) Sadness and depression affects everyone in your immediate circle. Your family, friends and relatives will feel the reverberations of your negativity. Instead of pulling others down with the consequences of your mental and emotional state, seek help from them. People who know you can offer different perspectives which may help you wake up to a more balanced view of your situation.

19) One of the symptoms of a depressed person is lethargy. They don’t feel like getting out of bed. They isolate themselves to avoid facing truth and life. As a matter of fact, they must fight this tendency. It is only by confronting life head on that we learn how to manage and live through a diversity of circumstances.

20) Start small and work towards a goal, step by step. If you feel too sad to arise from bed, do it anyway. This is important as it is the first step to fight depression. Small steps are progress towards the goal and victory.

21) You can be happy even when you don’t feel happy. Smile. Be grateful for small events. Be thankful for the beautiful flowers and plants everywhere. Breathe in the wonders of nature and know that as a human being, and a higher order of living thing, you are much loved by the Universe. Happiness does not remove all sadness or depression. It is a positive state that challenges the negativity, to the point of tipping the scale to lean more towards positivity. Being sad does not mean there is a lack of happiness. You can find alternative happiness when you search for it.

22) Take a leap of faith to do good things for yourself. Like Nike says in their slogan, “Just Do It”. God, and the Universe, will meet you half way, to respond. You learn from experience and benefit from it.

23) Will you be a trail blazer? Your battle with depression or sadness will inspire everyone around you. You can be an inspiration to people who need to see every day miracles. Many people face problems with health, work, and relationships. They love to be inspired by someone in their midst, who is bravely fighting a common illness or mental state.

24) We can’t expect to swing from depression to happiness in a short time. Every person has their own unique equilibrium, on the see saw of happiness, neutrality and sadness. For a person with a low state of happiness when they are at equilibrium, they will return to this state. For such a person, experiencing happiness is a brief high, and they will return down to earth, to their old, low state of emotional happiness. We can all recall having met a melancholy person or two in our social circles. In contrast, a person who is often happy, sits on the end of the see saw which is higher. This person will manage to be happy and bounce up, pretty quickly after suffering a mood dampening episode. Nothing can hold back an optimistic person.

25) If you think you can do nothing but wait out this long, dry spell of sadness, then meditate or pray. This will reinforce your inner reserves and help you to cope better with your present moment.

26) You are not alone in feeling sad or depressed. Every one has gone through these stages. Talk to a friend or a healthcare professional. Talking and touching base with someone who understands your mental state is a big help.

27) People who tend to feel depressed would prefer a life with regularity and predictable events. If you can, try to plan your daily activities so that you know what lies in store for you.

28) If you are able to cope with change, then tell yourself that surprises are not necessarily bad. There are good surprises that led us to new, wonderful directions. Our response determines how we perceive a surprise to be good or bad. If we tell ourselves to treat a surprise as a challenge to explore, grow and progress, we would not be easily discouraged with sadness, in unpredictability.

29) Mankind is one of the living things in the animal kingdom, whose central nervous system knows mental states. Look at the plant kingdom and other living things in the animal kingdom.

30) Look at children, who are not prejudiced with the knowledge of negativity, sadness and depression. They are happy and carefree. Some children do not have sufficient food to eat, but they are still ready to play happily. They live for the moment and trust their parents will provide food at meal time. We are adults, who work at making money for material comfort. Are we not miles more fortunate than these hapless kids? Why do we continue to torment ourselves with sad thoughts? We should stop negativity from taking any place in our life.

31) Every life is precious and has its own merit. You are precious. You are connected to many people, who value your presence. Be happy that you have a place and role to play in this world.

32) Don’t beat yourself down. What you say when you talk to yourself in your head, is crucial to formulating your mental state, emotions, acts and behaviors. Do not allow yourself to say you are sad. Be positive. Tell yourself, “I am happy’’. Your mental directive will influence your physical actions to do things to reduce (if not eliminate) sadness and depression.

On a scale of Happy, Neutral, Sad, how do you rate yourself at the end of each day? Would you like to record your moods for one month to see where you stand?

Take the “31 Days Challenge Mood Log” to record your mood for the day. At the end of each day, write down your major mood for the day. If you had a largely good day, with only a small amount of negativity, write down Happy. If something major happened on that day and you were mainly disturbed and sad, write down Sad.

If you have recorded Sad for at least 14 days in a row, you may be having depression. You may like to consult your doctor or healthcare professional for an expert opinion

Design a table for the calendar month of May 2022. You may prefer to present your information in any other way. Share your “31 Days Challenge Mood Log” in your own space, with the tag #31DCML.

Simple format for those who can’t make a table:
31 Days Challenge Mood Log for May 2022
Circle your mood for the day.
May 1 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 2 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 3 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 4 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 5 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 6 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 7 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 8 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 9 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 10 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 11 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 12 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 13 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 14 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 15 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 16 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 17 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 18 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 19 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 20 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 21 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 22 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 23 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 24 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 25 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 26 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 27 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 28 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 29 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 30 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral
May 31 – Happy/ Sad/ Neutral

Now count the number of successive days you experienced sadness. If you have circled Sad for at least 14 days in a row, you may be depressed. Please consider to fix an appointment with your therapist/ counselor/ psychologist/ psychiatrist.

If you wish to share your own post on Self Talk, Depression, Mood Log, please leave links in your comment.

If you’ve been reading until the end of this post, please share some feedback on whether you like any tip from the list of 32 Self Talk Tips Against Depression. Thanks.

The second part of this post discusses about how to be good to yourself to take you out of depression.
Be not depressed. Be good to yourself.

33) Differentiate between your primary needs and secondary desires. Be thankful when your needs are fulfilled. Desires are perceptions that you would like to have, but these are not necessary. Be good to yourself and stop feeling sad if desires are not met.

34) You are the priority in your life. Take care of your needs first, before you can take care of others.

35) When you feel sad or depressed, don’t alienate yourself, and isolate yourself. This is the very last thing you should do. Tell your friends. Seek help to recover, cure and heal.

36) Write down your thoughts. What is wrong right now? Next, write about your plans to amend the wrongs and balance your boat again.

37) Take your time to recover. You need time and personal space to recover.

38) When you’re in depression, you may feel like running away to escape from the enormous situation. If you want to escape because of a fear, consider what you can do to deal with the fear, instead of running away.

39) Sometimes, you have the right to feel anger, if you are bullied. You must stand up to discrimination, bullying and abuse. You have the right to be respected and live peacefully in society. You do not need to feel depressed because of unfair practices.

40) When you’re sad or depressed, use mindfulness to change your mood. Think about happy times. Use a photo to recall happy occasions in your life.

41) If you’re depressed because of someone’s behavior, tell this person that their act hurt you. Let go of your depression and anger because you have acted on it.

42) If you see another person who is depressed, relax and don’t blame yourself, because you can’t be responsible for everyone’s mental health.

43) If you feel depressed because of a heavy work load, sort out and prioritize your work. After you have started tackling the pile of work, you’ll feel much relieved and the situation was not as dire as you imagined it to be.

44) Be open to receiving help from others. Usually depressed people keep mum about their problems. They expect to be rejected. They are negative, even before the event is executed or understood.

45) Don’t feel bad when someone rejects your request for help. A rejection usually happens when the opposite party has problems of their own and is truly unable to cope with your problem.

46) If you feel depressed and lonely, think about your friends. Do you want to spend time with a friend? Go and connect with them if you wish to.

47) Are you feeling depressed about an event that could occur in the future? Don’t worry. The present and future will fall in line.

48) If you’re depressed because someone was angry at you, be aware that the problem could lie in them and not you.

49) Take care of yourself, before you break down. Make time for your relaxation, even if it means lying down in bed and doing nothing for several minutes.

50) If you feel depressed, address the root of the problem. Don’t comfort yourself with food, drink or smoking.

51) If you can’t solve something today, reach out and talk to a close friend. No matter who you are, you are loved by your dear ones.

52) If you feel depressed and confused, it means you are fighting yourself. You can’t decide between what you think you should do, and what you really want to do.

53) If you feel oppressed to the point of suffocation, practice breathing and relaxation. Slow down your movements. Slow down your breathing. Concentrate and focus on whatever you are doing, one thing at a time.

54) If you feel depressed and emotionally sad, go to your personal sanctuary and have a good cry. The release of mental energy and emotional energy will make you feel better.

55) If you feel depressed, look for your rainbow to cheer you up. Your brief respite can be in the form of anything.

These self talk tips are not yet exhausted. There are plenty more things you can do to reduce and remove depression.

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