5 Common Symptoms Of Depression In Women

5 Common Symptoms Of Depression In Women

5 Common Symptoms Of Depression In Women

5 Common Symptoms Of Depression In Women

Symptoms Of Depression In Women: While depression is a chronic, medically recognized phenomenon of illness which can strike members of both sexes without bias or prior warning, it is a fact that there are more female sufferers than male. Depression symptoms in women, while in many cases being recognizably similar to those which affect men, can also manifest in very different forms, exclusive solely to the female gender, because of obvious differences in biological and emotional makeup, as well as differing social standards, expectations, and norms which can cause forms of anxiety and stress very different to what the average male experiences.

Symptoms of depression in women occur in an often confusing multiplicity of forms, with varying levels of severity and recurrence. Often, female depression sufferers are no more aware of these signs than men, and thus do not recognize this state for what it is. Many times, when the true state of affairs is recognized and acknowledged, these depression symptoms in women have already reached an advanced and complex state. However, this is not to suggest that these symptoms of depression in women, once properly and professionally diagnosed, cannot be treated and many times successfully dispelled, or at least markedly alleviated to an acceptable level.


Common Symptoms Of Depression In Women

Some of the most common symptoms of depressive disorder in women can include a sudden, dramatic, increase or decrease of weight, due to the effects of “binge” eating, sometimes accompanied by signs of aberrant eating behavior, i.e., bulimia, or “binge and purge” disorder. Anxiety regarding one’s weight, “dieting mania”, sudden, excessive devotion to exercise and the like, are tell tale signs that something is surely amiss in that individual’s self image, particularly that which relates to their body. Other symptoms of depression in women may include a sudden loss of interest in activities they were formerly beloved of or quite devoted to, such as social activities at church, “ladies’ nights out”, volunteer meetings, etc.


Mental and Emotional Symptoms Of Depression In Women

Marked changes in sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or an excessive propensity for sleep constitute other signs of depression in women. In particular, the inability to cease constantly worrying will, in the long term seriously impair one’s facility for concentrating on important day to day issues and activities. An excess of such negative thoughts and worries may lead to the loss of short term memory, as well as having a negative effect on one’s ability to reason and make properly informed and considered decisions.


Physical Symptoms Of Depression In Women

Other commonly seen in depressed women may include a sudden cessation of regular monthly period activity, as a prolonged bout of severe depression possesses the ability to disrupt and sometimes completely block a woman’s menstrual cycle from occurring. This can sometimes be accompanied by chronic constipation, which can manifest when extreme depression disturbs the normal functions of the body.

These and other depression symptoms are treatable in most cases. No one need feel that they are alone and helpless when it comes to seeking relief from this illness. With proper diagnosis and care, depression can be overcome.

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