The Hubble Cosmos: 25 Years of New Vistas in Space

To celebrate NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and its 25 years of accomplishments, let The Hubble Cosmos fill your mind with big ideas, brilliant imagery, and a new understanding of the universe in which we live. Relive key moments in the monumental Hubble story, from launch through major new instrumentation to the promise of discoveries to come. With more than 150 photographs including Hubble…

The Hubble Cosmos

ISBN 10 : 9781426215575
ISBN 13 : 1426215576

In this astronomically spectacular, large-format photographic retrospective, National Geographic celebrates the impact of the Hubble Space Telescope in its 25th anniversary year. H..

The Hubble Cosmos

ISBN 10 : 1426215584
ISBN 13 : 9781426215582



ISBN 10 : 1848669658
ISBN 13 : 9781848669659

For 20 years the Hubble Space Telescope has been hurtling around our planet at 17,500 mph sending spectacularly sharp images of the universe back to Earth, but after two decades an..


ISBN 10 : 9781426208942
ISBN 13 : 1426208944

Offers a look at the history of the Hubble telescope, its controversial early days, the dramatic images it has captured of outer space, and what it has revealed about the origins a..

Space Atlas

ISBN 10 : 9781426209710
ISBN 13 : 1426209711

An illustrated grand tour of the universe, beginning in our own solar system before moving on to the Milky Way galaxy and finally on to the building blocks of the universe, includi..

Hubble S Universe

ISBN 10 : 1770854339
ISBN 13 : 9781770854338

Presents an overview of the Hubble Space Telescope, describing its initial launch in 1990 and impact on our understanding of the universe, along with some of its latest images of g..

Earth And Space

ISBN 10 : 9781452146058
ISBN 13 : 1452146055

Take a tour of the universe with this breathtaking collection of photographs from the archives of NASA. Astonishing images of Earth from above, the phenomena of our solar system, a..

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