Gardens of the Spirit 2017 Wall Calendar: Japanese Garden Photography

The Gardens of the Spirit wall calendar features twelve exquisite Japanese gardens by garden photographer John Lander. Paired with contemplative text by Maggie Oster, this collection of meditative images brings the calming experience of Japanese gardening to all who long to create a simple, peaceful oasis in the midst of a challenging chaotic world.

  • A year of serene Japanese gardens on your…

Gardens Of The Spirit

ISBN 10 : 0806978015
ISBN 13 : 9780806978017

"Author Jay has covered, in swift order, the major influences in garden design, from medieval to Zen, with appropriate illustrations and photographs that steal one's gaze. Here and..

Cry Of The Eagle

ISBN 10 : 0802068200
ISBN 13 : 9780802068200

Describes authors' long-term study of native medicine, focusing on one native healer who believes that western and native doctors should work together...

Gardens Of Marrakesh

ISBN 10 : 0711238901
ISBN 13 : 9780711238909

Nicknamed ‘the rose among the palms’, the thousand-year-old city of Marrakesh is characterised by its pink-colored pisé architecture and its deeply rooted tradition for garden..

Zen Gardens

ISBN 10 : 4805311940
ISBN 13 : 9784805311943

Shunmyo Masuno, Japan's leading garden designer, is at once Japan's most highly acclaimed landscape architect and an 18th-generation Zen Buddhist priest, presiding over daily cerem..

The Illuminated Rumi

ISBN 10 : 9780767900027
ISBN 13 : 0767900022

Gathers and illustrates poems by the popular thirteenth century Sufi philosopher and saint..

The Gardens Of Arne Maynard

ISBN 10 : 1858946263
ISBN 13 : 9781858946269

This is the first book on the work of one of today’s most celebrated and sought-after garden designers. Arne Maynard is known for his award-winning gardens at the Royal Horticult..

International Garden Photographer Of The Year

ISBN 10 : 1842465031
ISBN 13 : 9781842465035

This stunning paperback showcases the winners and best entries for the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. During 2014 there will be International Garden Pho..

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