Dragonology 2010 Wall Calendar

The Dragon Diary

ISBN 10 : 9781848771062
ISBN 13 : 1848771061

After Dragon's Eye, here comes the next exciting instalment in the Dragonolgy(tm)Chronicles, The Dragon Diary!. In the second novel of this fantasy, adventure series, a mysterious ..


ISBN 10 : 0763623296
ISBN 13 : 9780763623296

Presents an introduction to dragonology that includes spells for catching dragons, their natural history, and descriptions of legendary dragons and dragonslayers...

The Book Of The Dragon

ISBN 10 : 9781402728112
ISBN 13 : 1402728115

Illustrations of dragons along with information about the fantasy creatures, such as culture and customs, legends, and types of dragons...


ISBN 10 : 9780763631437
ISBN 13 : 0763631434

Tells the swashbuckling tale of Captain Lubber's around-the-world voyage on the trail of female pirate Arabella Drummond...


ISBN 10 : 1840116749
ISBN 13 : 9781840116748

Although dragonology was Dr. Drake's vocation, this title reveals that he spent time researching many other creatures, from manticores and unicorns to gryphons, centaurs and sea se..

Dr Ernest Drake S Dragonology Handbook

ISBN 10 : 076362814X
ISBN 13 : 9780763628147

Twenty-one lessons in dragonology include dragon riddles, envelopes to open, a dragonologist I.D. card, suggestions on how to draw dragons, and a guide to dragon first aid...

Dragons Realm

ISBN 10 : 1937223175
ISBN 13 : 9781937223175

Mina Louvet is a fighter, a human with a powerful will to survive in a world dominated by warlocks, soul-eaters, and shifters. Identified by the king's witch as one of the rare, in..

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