Cat-Astrophe 2017 Wall Calendar

Need a laugh? Cat-astrophe features monthly memes of cats caught in questionable behavior with little remorse. The full color, large format calendar includes large daily grids; six bonus months of July through December 2016; moon phases; U.S. and international holidays. Printed on sturdy, high-quality stock.Format: 2017 Wall Calendar
Size Closed: 12″ W x 12″ H
Size Opened: 12″ W x 24″ H
Grid Size:…

Cat Wars

ISBN 10 : 9781400882878
ISBN 13 : 1400882877

In 1894, a lighthouse keeper named David Lyall arrived on Stephens Island off New Zealand with a cat named Tibbles. In just over a year, the Stephens Island Wren, a rare bird endem..

What Cats Teach Us

ISBN 10 : 157223296X
ISBN 13 : 9781572232969

Fresh on the heals of the successful What Dogs Teach Us, author Glenn Dromgoole offers the similarly insightful What Cats Teach Us. Cats, better known for their reprimanding attitu..

The Brand New Catastrophe

ISBN 10 : 9781941411346
ISBN 13 : 1941411347

Winner of the Center for Fiction's Doheny Prize Mike Scalise hits his stride in this page-turner of a memoir featuring a sudden and strange sequence of medical disasters. From its ..


ISBN 10 : 9780316349178
ISBN 13 : 0316349178

Photographer Seth Casteel's underwater photographs of dogs and babies have captivated an international audience. Now, Seth has found the perfect way to capture our other best frien..

Medical Catastrophe

ISBN 10 : 1442265752
ISBN 13 : 9781442265752

Medical catastrophes, although rare, do happen. Ronald W. Dworkin suggests the cause often lies in the politics of medicine and the conflicting demands of colleagues, patients, bos..

Surviving Henry

ISBN 10 : 9781441246233
ISBN 13 : 1441246231

You don't always know what you're getting into when you bring home a puppy. Enter Henry, a boxer who suffers from Supreme Dictator of the Universe Syndrome. He vandalizes his obedi..

Dreamworld And Catastrophe

ISBN 10 : 0262523310
ISBN 13 : 9780262523318

Developing the notion of dreamworld as both a poetic description of a collectivemental state and an analytical concept, Susan Buck-Morss attempts to come to terms with massdreamwor..

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