The Overview Effect

ISBN 10 : 1563472600
ISBN 13 : 9781563472602

Using interviews with and writings by 30 astronauts and cosmonauts, Frank White shows how experiences such as circling the Earth every 90 minutes and viewing it from the moon have ..


ISBN 10 : 9780399578663
ISBN 13 : 0399578668

A stunning and unique collection of satellite images of Earth that offer an unexpected look at humanity, derived from the wildly popular Daily Overview Instagram project. Inspired ..


ISBN 10 : 1845452860
ISBN 13 : 9781845452865

We live in an era of exploding scientific knowledge about the universe, and our place and future within it. Much of this new knowledge conflicts with earlier wisdom, and some has f..

The Purpose Effect

ISBN 10 : 9781943425587
ISBN 13 : 1943425582

Pontefract combines years of experience and research on employee engagement to create a work about the three crucial areas of purpose: individual, workplace role, and organizationa..

Silent Spring

ISBN 10 : 0618249060
ISBN 13 : 9780618249060

Discusses the reckless annihilation of fish and birds by the use of pesticides and warns of the possible genetic effects on humans...

The Halo Effect

ISBN 10 : 9780743291262
ISBN 13 : 0743291263

Challenges popular misconceptions about business success in today's world, explaining how experts mistakenly assume that money-making companies naturally prioritize strong leadersh..

The Telomere Effect

ISBN 10 : 9781455587964
ISBN 13 : 1455587966

A groundbreaking book coauthored by the Nobel Prize winner who discovered telomerase and telomeres' role in the aging process and the health psychologist who has done original rese..