Emotion Photographs By David Vance

ISBN 10 : 3959852517
ISBN 13 : 9783959852517

Beautiful, sensual, and emotional: David Vance s newest large-scale photography book Emotion - Photographs by David Vance is an homage to the male physique in all its beauty and se..

Erotic Dreams

ISBN 10 : 3867871485
ISBN 13 : 9783867871488

David Vance is always looking for immaculate men, men who are almost too perfect to be true. He finds them, he portrays them and he makes them immortal. While much of his previous ..

Masculine Beauty

ISBN 10 : 3867878374
ISBN 13 : 9783867878371

Muscular bodies, expressive faces, aesthetic poses: these are the secrets of David Vance's photography. His mastery in capturing the body's play with dynamics has no peer. Masculin..

Timeless Bodies

ISBN 10 : 3867875367
ISBN 13 : 9783867875363

David Vance is one of the world's most successful photographers in male erotic photography and photographer of international stars such as Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Mar..

Color Explosion

ISBN 10 : 3959852789
ISBN 13 : 9783959852784

The name tells it all: "Color Explosion" is the newest photobook by Mark Henderson, featuring beautiful images of attractive male models with large swaths of bright, jewel-like col..

Healing For Damaged Emotions Workbook

ISBN 10 : 1564760251
ISBN 13 : 9781564760258

Ideal for both personal or small-group use, this workbook combines the entire text of Healing for Damaged Emotions, as well as small-group study guide material, Scriptural meditati..

Healing For Damaged Emotions

ISBN 10 : 9781434703224
ISBN 13 : 1434703223

Whether through our own fallen temperament, willful disobedience, or as victims of the hurtful actions of others, many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfection..