Animorphs Calendar

Every day, week, and month of the year is a countdown to excitement with a host of Animorphs, Yeerks, and other aliens from the best- selling series. This wall calendar is bursting with full-color art by series’ cover artist David Mattingly. It includes special effects throughout to create moving images!

Animorphs 1 The Invasion

ISBN 10 : 9780545388665
ISBN 13 : 054538866X

The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph. The Earth is being invaded, but no one..

The Encounter

ISBN 10 : 0606261915
ISBN 13 : 9780606261913

Warned never to stay in his animal shape for more than two hours, Tobias forgets when he becomes involved in a rescue campaign and faces being trapped in a hawk's body forever...

Animorphs 7 The Stranger

ISBN 10 : 9780545474009
ISBN 13 : 0545474000

The fight for the planet continues in this gripping installment -- and the Animorphs must make an exacting choice. The last time Rachel and her friends entered the giant Yeerk pool..

The Message

ISBN 10 : 0606261923
ISBN 13 : 9780606261920

Unable to ignore the strange dreams that she and her friends have experienced since they developed morphing powers, Cassie wonders if a dream that draws her to the sea is a cry for..

The Predator

ISBN 10 : 0590629816
ISBN 13 : 9780590629812

Resenting his Animorph powers, Marco prefers to watch over his widower father until he learns that his mother is still alive, and he is horrified to discover that she is the highes..


ISBN 10 : 9780147518361
ISBN 13 : 0147518369

Color intricate black-and-while line drawings and uncover hidden creatures scattered throughout the pages...

The Solution

ISBN 10 : 0590636715
ISBN 13 : 9780590636711

David, the newest Animorph, is deadly and causing the invasion to slow down...

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